Flying on The Eva Air Hello Kitty Plane to Taiwan

I’ve loved everything Hello Kitty since my early teens, when my Asian friend at school would bring me back stationery and various other items from her annual trips to Hong Kong. 17 years on and aged 30, I still love Hello Kitty and have often considered trying to grow out of it. Then Taiwanese airline, Eva Air, did something incredible.

They combined Hello Kitty and travel by partnering with Sanrio to create six special themed planes, decked inside and out with images and paraphernalia, travelling to eight destinations to and from Taipei – Tokyo, Sapporo, Fukuora, Seoul, Guam, Shanghai, Hong Kong and more recently, Los Angeles.

© Eva Air

© Eva Air

In all the last-minute frenzy of booking the pricey flight from South Korea to Taiwan, with Eva Airlines being the cheapest, I completely forgot about the possibility of the Hello Kitty flight until the epiphany came a few days before take off. Scouring the web to confirm, I found the specialised Kitty EVA Air website, where I could cross reference my BR160 flight number, and smiled as I watched the cute little Hello Kitty face float between Seoul and Taipei on screen as my confirmation.

Eva Air Hello Kitty Plane

© Eva Air

The theme runs through everything to do with your flight, starting with the check-in screens and your boarding pass. Nothing escapes the branding, so if you are not a fan of Hello Kitty, it’s best to steer clear – it only gets more Kitty’fied as times goes on.

Hello Kitty Flight boarding pass

When the plane arrived, crowds formed at the window to snap pictures of the ‘Hello Kitty Loves Apples’ plane – adults (ahem, parents) being just as enthralled as the children. I saw two business men cower in horror, having no idea of the spectacle that was to unfold before them.

Hello Kitty Plane

Flight attendants greet you while dressed in pink Hello Kitty aprons and your first sight on board is the sea of Hello Kitty headrest covers, before you relax with your Kitty pillow, read your pink safety instruction card and watch the on screen animations – a bombardment of kitsch, cuteness and joy. Even the bathroom escaped the usual bland attire, with the addition of specially created, joint branded Hello Kitty / Eva Air toilet paper alongside themed hand wash, hand cream and eau de toilette.

Hello Kitty Plane

Hello Kitty Plane

Hello Kitty Plane

The attention to detail didn’t stop there. Dinnertime was met with coos and giggles as our in-flight meal was served, complete with edible Hello Kitty foods to be eaten with Hello Kitty cutlery. And I wasn’t the only one who kept the knife, fork and spoon, the plastic coffee serving stick, sugar sachets, the tray cover, paper cup and everything else in between – many people were delicately cleaning up their wares and popping them in their bags as souvenirs.

Hello Kitty Plane meal

I can honestly say it was the happiest flight of my entire life. Even if you detest Hello Kitty, you can’t deny that such an idea breeds a lot of merriment, no matter what your age. As for the two businessmen, they happened to be in the seats behind me, spending much of the flight shifting in their seats and giggling nervously the entire time. They really had no idea of the existence of this flight and nor will they forget it. Much like the rest of us.


  1. It’s SO CUTE!!!! <3

    I flew Eva air from NYC to Taipei and was saddened to see that it was not in fact a Hello Kitty flight.

  2. Holy dooly! That’s incredible. Everybody must have been giggidy with excitement. Did the food taste alright or was it a case of style of substance?

  3. Omg.
    It makes me smile to think of business men unaware that they were flying Hello Kitty.

  4. KAWAII!!!!!!!! This is sooo awesome!

  5. I have a friend that would absolutely love this experience!

  6. Ahhhhhh! This is too cute! Must find a reason to fly these routes!

  7. I read your blog post to my daughter in lieu of a bedtime story. She now wants to go to Taiwan.

  8. That is so great. I’m super jealous! I want to fly them!

  9. We need more of this joy in corporations, especially airlines as they can be the gateway to one of the most enjoyable, rewarding and child-like things we can do – travel and expand our horizons.
    As we become adults, we seem to forget all to easily how much simple joy we experienced as a kid. A shocking statistic – adults smile avg 7 times a day – kids – 200!!! I, for one, wont be growing up too much (37 years “old”). Thanks Becki for sharing this little ray of light – its put a big smile on my face and I’ll be sure to share it.

  10. Haha, how cool! I’m not really a huge Hello Kitty fan, but this still sounds like a fun time. I love how everything in the plane seems to be on-theme, right down to the food!

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