Portable Wifi For Travel: A Constant Connection – TEP Wireless Review

Portable wifi for travel review

With a monthly mobile phone plan, it’s easy to take WiFi for granted. But when you travel, things get tricky. Either your high roaming charges break a small part of your soul (alongside the realisation that you are addicted to the internet) or WiFi is hard to come by when you need it most - like … [Read more...]

Purchasing a Travel Water Bottle? Try Water-to-Go – A New and Unique Offering to the Travel Gear Market

Water-to-Go travel water bottle

This review post is in conjunction with Water-to-Go – a travel water bottle product I've been recently testing, highly recommend and which is now part of my staple travel kit. You can purchase this product here, and when using the special code BECKI20, Backpacker Becki readers will SAVE 20% off … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Apartment Vacation Rentals – A Review of FlipKey.com

City apartment rentals

When a friend or family member comes to visit in London I am immediately stumped with the issue of accommodation now that I no longer live here full-time. In every instance I find that renting an apartment is a cheaper option over a guesthouse or a private room in a decent hostel. Having previously … [Read more...]

Ski and Snowboarding Clothing for Beginners – Without the Expense

ski clothing

Before I left for my recent snowboarding trip to Montreal, Canada, I stressed about purchasing adequate clothing. For many people, looking good on the slopes is as important as the time spent getting down them. But what if you are new to skiing and snowboarding, or someone who doesn't regularly go … [Read more...]

Hiking, Roaming and Wandering – Staple Travel Clothing and Equipment Review

PacSafe dayback backpack review

After returning from 15 continuous months on the road, it’s an understatement to say that some of my clothing items were rendered useless. I have attachments to certain things like a basic striped summer dress, which, even though is covered with speckles of neon paint, I can’t bear to throw it … [Read more...]

5 Must-Visit Interesting Museums in London

Tourist in London

London is literally sprawling with museums and when I’m home from my travel stints, I still like to check them out. I've been doing so since my school days. There are hundreds of them in this one city and many with new exhibitions every few months, you can never tire of what’s on offer because … [Read more...]

#Housetripping in the City – Apartment Rental in London

Housetripping apartment hire in Londo

Breaking from my long-term travels and life in Asia, I returned to the UK in order to attend the World Travel Market and the British Travel Press Awards, work on other blog and travel related work, familiarise, refuel and catch up with loved ones. The only problem was I no longer had anywhere to … [Read more...]

Staying in a Capsule Hotel in Japan – My One Night Experience in Tokyo

Capsule hotel, Japan

The concept of the capsule hotel is one of the many eccentric things synonymous with Japan – and therefore I had to try it. Breaking up my stay at the traditional Ryokan in Tokyo, I spent my second night in the city curled up in my ‘box’ at the Hotel Asakusa & Capsule and using it for one … [Read more...]

Staying in a Traditional Japanese Ryokan – My accommodation in Tokyo

Traditional Japanese Ryokan house

I knew Japan was a country that still held on to many of its traditions, despite its rapid growth as a very modern nation. It’s one of the reasons I have always wanted to come here - to seek out pockets of the old, ‘real’ Japan. Experiencing a stay in a Ryokan - a traditional Japanese style … [Read more...]

What to See in Kuala Lumpur in Limited Time – A One Day Adventure

Kuala Lumpur city gallery

Depending on your love for cities, Kuala Lumpur doesn’t require a huge amount of your time – its infrastructure is superb and the layout of the city isn’t too complicated. As a girl who craves city life every now and again I spent four days there getting to know it and I’m heading back … [Read more...]