Weimar, Germany in Pictures – Complex History, Cultural Acclaim

Weimar, Germany

Weimar’s charm is obvious and captivating within minutes of your eager-eyed arrival. A picture book of classicism and grandeur seeping from every one of its pastel hued buildings, quaint open squares and magnificent surrounding green parks, the 1000 year old city certainly holds true to its … [Read more...]

Potsdam, Germany – From Cold War Closure to Modern-day Magnificence

Potsdam City Centre, Brandenburg Gate, Germany

Potsdam automatically became a focal point of the Cold War because of its close proximity to the occupied zone of Berlin and the fact that it became part of the west Berlin / East Germany borderline. Once the former royal seat of Prussia and military stronghold under King Frederick the Great, the … [Read more...]

Understanding the Blurred Lines of Berlin Since the Fall of the Wall

Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood, Berlin, Germany

Berlin is not a city you can visit just the once - fascinating and difficult to define, a visitor will always be chasing after the answer to what Berlin is, trying to untangle its complex history, unravel its dark secrets and pinpoint its persona. Like me, you may be forever at the mercy of its … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Apartment Vacation Rentals – A Review of FlipKey.com

City apartment rentals

When a friend or family member comes to visit in London I am immediately stumped with the issue of accommodation now that I no longer live here full-time. In every instance I find that renting an apartment is a cheaper option over a guesthouse or a private room in a decent hostel. Having previously … [Read more...]

The Lake District – Discovering the Rural Beauty of England

Hiking in the Lake District, Fairfield Horseshoe Hike

“I wandered lonely as a cloud, That floats on high o'er vales and hills…” If you are British you no doubt grew up learning the poem ‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth to the point where you knew it off by heart, all the while trying to understand every romantic detail of an area you had … [Read more...]

Ski and Snowboarding Clothing for Beginners – Without the Expense

ski clothing

Before I left for my recent snowboarding trip to Montreal, Canada, I stressed about purchasing adequate clothing. For many people, looking good on the slopes is as important as the time spent getting down them. But what if you are new to skiing and snowboarding, or someone who doesn't regularly go … [Read more...]

Discovering Former East Germany Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall: My Route

Travel in Germany

Today I start my journey around some of the key towns and cities with historical significance to a time when Germany was once divided - destinations that once sat in former east Germany. Today these areas are established destinations, cool hangouts and preserved traditional treasures. My journey … [Read more...]

Exploring Germany 25 Years On from the Fall of the Berlin Wall


2014 marks 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, a shocking symbol of the division of Berlin and Germany and the Cold War, which finally came down on 9 November 1989. Visiting Germany today, it’s hard to think that this thriving, fun and booming European hotspot was once partitioned into … [Read more...]

Montreal in Winter – Architecture, Art and Tradition in Quebec’s Largest City

Montreal streets, Quebec, Canada

The largest city in the province of Quebec, Montreal is an ‘island city’ nestled on the Saint-Laurent river, housing a quaint hub of grand historical and architectural interest. A city of over 50 Historical sites (more than any other city in Canada) and a UNESCO City of Design (one of three in … [Read more...]

How to Spend Winter in Quebec – A Trio of Destinations for Cool Celebration

Carnival de Quebec, Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec City, Canada

Canadians may express how the winter is tough, especially the one this year which has been colder than ever, and others may say they are over it after a few months of dealing with the crisp chilly winds, the icy roads and heavy snowfall.  Yet on the whole, Canadians embrace the Winter, making the … [Read more...]