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Backpacker Becki is one of the UK’s leading online travel resources and reaches out to young professionals with a passion for nomadic adventure; solo female travellers; starter backpackers looking to travel differently as well as those more experienced in travel. 

The main focus of this website is on slow and cost-effective travel; driving travellers to new or less-frequented destinations; encouraging people to visit the well-known – but with a focus on alternative sights and off the beaten track adventures.

In setting out to inspire those with a passion for nomadic adventure, Backpacker Becki provides a mix of banter and humour while trying to remain informative and also addresses topical issues relating to travel practices.

Audience Overview

Backpacker Becki has its strongest following in the UK, Australia and the US, and captures its young professional, independent, traveller target:

Women: 45%

Man: 55%

Readers are predominantly aged 18-34

Social Media Overview

Twitter followers: 10,100 +

Facebook fans: 4,100+

Instagram followers: 1800+

Page Views & Visits

Monthly Unique Visitors: 18,000+

Average Monthly Page Views: 35,000+

Website Overview

Alexa Global Ranking: 173,478

Google PR Rating: 4


A variety of advertising options are available and rates are competitive but flexible.

Only travel related content, that matches the tone and ethos of this website will be considered.

Please contact us below to discuss working together.


Backpacker Becki is open to reviews relating to:

- Hostels and alternative accommodation

- Adventure activities, trips and excursions

- Slow travel – including transportation

- Unique tourism drives and campaigns

- Backpacking and travel clothing and equipment

- Apps and social media tools relevant to the travel market

All reviews are fair, honest and include a disclaimer for reader transparency.

Press Trips and Brand Partnerships

Becki Enright is a qualified PR professional of 10 years, now full-time freelance travel writer and traveller, and is conversant in the benefits of brand partnerships, campaign awareness drivers and on target message delivery. Becki also writes for other travel publications, so can tailor articles for specific audiences and wider markets.

Becki has already worked with a number of travel companies, adventure brands and tourism boards and is available for press trips, specific tailored tours and ambassadorship, which will provide your brand with a successful outlet from which to reach an audience of both solo, adventurous female travellers as well as those who enjoy exploration of the backpacking kind.

Any form of partnership will only be undertaken with companies which adhere to the values of Backpacker Becki:

- Responsible and ethical travel

- Volunteering and NGO work

- Keeping business in the hands of the locals

- Slow travel and alternative transportation

- Inspirational and safe travel for solo female travellers which is not condescending or scaremongering

- Value for money and a product/service that is accessible within a backpacker’s budget

This allows for both a targeted brand approach for you and relevant content for the readers of Backpacker Becki.


Should you represent a brand or company that promotes these values and who would like to work with us in a mutually beneficial partnership, do e-mail us at

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