Travelling in Turkey: My Love Hate Relationship With No Resolution

Travelling in Turkey

My plans to travel in Turkey were put into full force at the end of last year after returning from Israel and the Palestinian Territories. I wanted to start digging deeper into the Middle East. Turkey, one of the greatest Empires of all time, a ‘cradle of civilisation’ and nestled right bang in the middle of Europe and my beloved Asia, was to … [Continue reading...]

Is It Safe to Visit Israel and The West Bank During Conflict?

Travel in Israel

The recent rise in tension in the Middle East has fully occupied the media of the world over the past week and one of the questions many have asked me is: "Is it safe to visit Israel and Palestine during the conflict?" The situation between Israelis and Palestinians was relatively quiet until, around a month ago, three Israeli teenagers were … [Continue reading...]

Portable Wifi For Travel: A Constant Connection – TEP Wireless Review

Portable wifi for travel review

With a monthly mobile phone plan, it’s easy to take WiFi for granted. But when you travel, things get tricky. Either your high roaming charges break a small part of your soul (alongside the realisation that you are addicted to the internet) or WiFi is hard to come by when you need it most – [...]

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WIN an Autographer Wearable Camera – The #CandidMoments Competition


There’s no doubt we are all a bunch of travelling photoholics, capturing all manner of people, places and adventures at every possible moment. Quick to jump on the back of a new photography app, funky filter or the latest in sassy technology, sharing our random and fun moments has never been easier. So how about [...]

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Street Art in Athens – Visual Expressions of Modern Greece

Street Art in Athens, Greece

The street art in Athens is said to be the biggest in the world. You can’t help but notice the excessive amount of graffiti that coats every available surface throughout city, where every available wall, shop front, brick wall or obscure alley is a canvas waiting to be filled with artistic optimism, political reference or [...]

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Athens – A Reinvented, Trendy City Beyond Its Ancient and Troubled Past

Athens modern city

You may, like many, make the mistake of thinking the city of Athens will be entirely coated in the golden hues of classic Greek column, statue and temple architecture. The vast layer of modern day grittiness and edgy local life is not necessary what people expect, but it’s what makes Athens a thriving and emerging [...]

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The Ultimate Malta Road Trip – 20 Cultural Hotspots, Hidden Gems and Magnificent Viewpoints

Map of Malta things to do

Malta may be a small island, but it’s a destination big on stunning landscape, centuries old culture and fascinating history. Nestled between southern Italy and the coast of North Africa, it could be easily overlooked in favour of its popular neighbours, except you’ll find more here than you thought possible from such a tiny landmass… [...]

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Handy Tips For Travelling Through Europe by Train

Train travel trips

This post is in conjunction with Voyages Sncf UK – ticket providers for epic rail journeys around Europe – who helped me pull together these handy tips for cost-effective and hassle free train travel.  I always encourage travellers to utilise the vast train network that exists across Europe. Over 30 countries are connected by railroad, [...]

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A Turkish Hamam Bath Experience in Istanbul. What is it REALLY like?

Turkish Hamam bath in Istanbul, Asia side

The marble slab in the centre of the room is like a sacrificial altar. We, the ceremonial lambs, splayed across its edges ready to be slaughtered with loofahs and bubbles at the hands of ogre-like women… It started off with a crooked smile, a talk of price and being ushered into one of the small [...]

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Dresden, Germany – The City of Classic, Trendy and Green

Elbe Cycle Route, Dresden, Germany

Dresden is considered one of the most beautiful Baroque cities in Europe and while sightseeing in the Old Town is obligatory, it is also very limiting to understanding its true persona as a former city of post war destruction and soviet East Germany. Beyond the cultural heart of the city lies a more trendy and [...]

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